Launch of REFORCE WebApp

We are excited to announce the launch of the REFORCE WebApp – a new website arising from the joint work of the Dept. of Earth and Environmental Sciences – KU Leuven, Belgium (Wanda De Keersmaecker, Ben Somers) and the Slovenian Forestry Institute (Nikica Ogris) in REFORCE WP2. The REFORCE WebApp provides remote sensing ecosystems stability metrics based on the methodology of De Keersmaecker et al. (2015), extending previous analysis on NDVI to multiple remote sensing metrics (NDWI, EVI, and LAI) for forest ecosystems across Europe.


De Keersmaecker, W., Lhermitte, S., Honnay, O., Farifteh, J., Somers, B., & Coppin, P. (2014). How to measure ecosystem stability? An evaluation of the reliability of stability metrics based on remote sensing time series across the major global ecosystems. Global Change Biology, 20(7), 2149–2161. doi: 10.1111/gcb.12495